Hindi To English

Welcome to this Unique English Speaking Program – Hindi to English

Rules of the Program

  • Fix up a time slot every week for 1 hour.
  • Do exactly as instructed in the program.
  • Please do not expect overnight results.
  • For best results, do not move onto the next video, unless you have practiced and mastered the previous one.
  • Practice regularly as instructed.
  • No Language can be learned without enough practice which is a continuous process; hence, the success of the program lies in how much you practice even after the program is finished. So, keep practicing.
  • Most importantly, as the old saying goes, “knowledge increases by sharing” and believing the same, I am sharing my knowledge with you, hence you also share the information of this program with as many people as you can through forums, email as well as facebook so that many others can take advantage of this program.
  • Keep a voice recording facility with you while practicing.
  • Now, that you agree to abide by the rules, go ahead and watch the first video of this first of its own kind English Speaking Program – Hindi to English.

    Hindi to English – Video 1 – Diction and Pronunciation Correction
    People across the globe have different languages and dialects which are unique because of which everyone may not be able to produce all the sounds particular to a language. Similar is the case with English which creates problems with diction and pronunciation. This video educates and trains about various sounds used in English language through a unique and modern technique. So watch this video, practice and do not move to next video unless you have mastered the tips given in this video.

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